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app launching may 1st 2021

about seychelles pass

we at seychelles pass welcome you to live again where tourists and seychellois will explore and experience everything the beautiful Seychelles islands has to offer and rediscover their love for travel at the click-of-a-button. Seychelles pass is an innovative application that provides our international and local customers access to unique offers across food, beverage, leisure and activity industries throughout the seychelles archipelago. seychelles pass plays an integral role in revitalizing tourism and the local economy. 

defining a new tourism landscape Seychelles pass offers merchant partners a comprehensive platform to advertise their products, services and promotions. complimented by our strong connections in global markets for international distribution, our partners can decide how they like to be a part of this unique platform and increase their volume of business stress-free! seychelles pass platform is user friendly and offers something unique that speaks to the current situation around the world supporting global travelers to simply ‘live again’

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